Hycosan Plus

By Hycosan

How To Use
How It Works
Remove the cap before use. Before first use only, invert the bottle and pump the base until the first drop appears. The system is now ready for use. Place two fingers on the base of the bottle and your thumb on the shoulder, Pull down your lower eyelid. Tilt your head back and press on the base to release one drop.
  • The surface of your eye is covered by a thin layer of tears, called the Tear Film which protects, nourishes and lubricates the eye.
  • Hycosan-Plus contains a natural occurring substance called Sodium Hyaluronate which replenishes the tear film
  • At a concentration of 0.1% Sodium Hyaluronate it offers effective relief for more severe and persistent dry eye symptoms.
  • Hycosan-Plus also contains Dexpanthenol which provides the surface of the eye with an effective environment to support healing post operation or eye injury.
Product Information
  • Preservative free lubricating eye drop
  • Suitable for damage to the surface of the eye, eye injury and dry eye
  • 6 months sterility
  • Contains 0.1% sodium hyaluronate and 2% Dexpanthenol to support healing.
  • Contact lens compatible
  • Each bottle contains 7.5ml of solution.
  • Always read the label and instructions for use.