Optimel Manuka+ Honey Eyelid Cream


About Optimel Manuka+ Honey Eyelid Cream

How Does it Work for Dry Eyes?

Dry eye disease is one of the most widespread eye conditions in the world.

Over time, dry eyes can cause pain and discomfort and can increase the risk of eye infection, resulting in permanent life-changing damages.

Optimel eye gel is one of the most innovative dry eye products in the market today and is well-known as an effective treatment for dry eyes. Made with pharmaceutical-grade honey, Optimel uses honey from bees of the Leptospermum species. This gel utilises the standardised and natural antibacterial property of honey to alleviate dry eye symptoms.

Blepharitis is frequently present with various dermatological conditions, including seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea and eczema. Seborrheic dermatitis has been associated with up to 46% of patients with MGD*.

The skins ‘Acid Mantle’ is key to the skins barrier properties. Skin PH in atopic dermatitis patients if often high and the resulting cascade of changes contribute to the phenotype of atopic dermatitis.

Optimel Manuka+ Eyelid Cream helps to protect dry, flaky skin caused by common eye problems. With a low PH and high levels of emollient (Jojoba oil), this cream helps restore the skins acid mantel which is crucial for barrier function and antimicrobial activity.

Who Can Benefit from Optimel Products?

Patients who are suffering from the following:

  1. Eczema
  2. Dermatitis
  3. Dry, flaky skin

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Love this cream. I get eczema around my eyes and this cream really soothes and moisturises them